Change Your Game Video Submission

How can we change your game? Join the others who have contributed their dreams by creating your own Change Your Game video.

Change your game

How it works:

SIMPLE Mobile wants to change your game and is looking for artists, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, creators, and really anyone who has a vision of how they can change their life.

Getting signed up is easy. Make a short 30 second video clip and tell us about how you are, or would like to, change your game. Submit the video for SIMPLE Mobile to review.

Submit Your Video

  • Record a short 30 second video
  • Tell us how we can change your game
  • We'll review & approve the best videos
  • If approved, your video will be shown below
  • Stay tuned as we announce what's next

More About the Change Your Game Video Series and Sweepstakes

SIMPLE Mobile changed the wireless game with its Bring Your Own Phone and unlimited no-contract approach to great service. Now, SIMPLE Mobile is celebrating by changing the game for a few individuals on the verge of greatness. SIMPLE Mobile is creating a series of videos, here on, to showcase the talented people changing the game. Are you up for a game change? Do you have a special skill, talent or dream that SIMPLE Mobile can help push forward? Create or upload a video to tell us how SIMPLE Mobile can change your game. SIMPLE Mobile will help get your vision out to the wider world and who knows, maybe one day we will show up in your town and Change Your Game. Be sure to watch this site,, as we continue on our quest. SIMPLE Mobile - change your SIM, change your game..